Tuesday, October 2, 2007

sweet, sweet, October

This week I get to go to 3 shows for free! Last night Beauty scored me free tickets to this weekend's show at Randall Island: Arcade Fire, LCD Soundsystem, Blonde Redhead...oh yeah! Tonight I get to see Man Man for free at Webster Hall courtesy of Ricardo's roommate, and then I just won free tickets to some show Friday night through Flavorpill.

That's right, I actually won tickets. It's funny because I was just scrolling through this weekend's listings, looking for something to do this weekend with my Girlfriend, my old roommate who I love love love and miss miss miss so much. FP was offering free tickets to answer the question "What does your fiesta suit look like?"

I wrote something like: A spandex body suit, a carton of cigarettes disassembled and worn Rambo style and, most importantly, my awesome Girlfriend who makes sure I am never drink-less.

About 15 minutes later, they notified me that I was IN like SIN.

I love Girlfriend. I miss our camaraderie. Over Labor Day weekend, pretty much after I'd first gotten to The NY, I went away with some of my awesome Chicago Crew, two of whom (Keetens and Muffin) have been roommates forever, and their intimate interactions made me miss Girlfriend so much. I miss going to the bar with her and just naturally buying each other drinks, getting matching whiplash from noticing the same cute boys, playing wingman for each other, helping each other home from the bar, and then raiding the fridge and downing pre-sleep Emergen-Cs. It's stupid shit like that. Even watching Keetens and Muffin share cigarettes made me want to cry.

I'm so excited to see her. I know it's kind of a bad idea, because after she leaves I will be inconsolably sad. I was so attached to her that I imposed a breakup-style "not going to call her for 14 days" rule when I got here...though of course I broke down and had to write her a letter. So, it wasn't a complete breakdown.

So yeah, I'm pumped about all this week's freebies. Like most asians, nothing makes me happier than free stuff. And it confirmed the "good things come in threes" theory of the universe. It happened to me last week, too. I got almost $400 in the mail: an Apple rebate, the remainder on my canceled motorcycle insurance, and a twenty-dollar bill from my old boss for Rosh Hashanah.

Of course, this leads me to believe that the universe is about to implode, because historically, this is not a good time of year for me.

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