Tuesday, October 23, 2007

craigslist posting iv

Going the vague, dreamy route:

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Date: 2007-10-23, 10:38PM EDT

I know how this will happen.

I see you on the subway and I think you’re cute: you’ve got dark hair, a secret smile that I have yet to see, and a somewhat sloppy, unassuming style and grooming habits. You’re reading a book that I may or may not have heard of, and if it’s the former I ask you how it is, and if it’s the latter I pretend I’ve heard of it, and ask you about it anyway.

We talk. You say something even mildly funny or honest, I do the same, and the conversation continues and you say, spontaneously, let’s go get a drink.

We get a drink. Or two or three or four. I can drink, and so can you.

At this point we’re inebriated and we start talking shit, about serious things like religion and ironic motivations and mundane things like everyday frustrations and at the same time get all sappy about our blessings in life like our great friends, families, and the things we can still get excited about despite moments of confusion or despair. We have so many things going for us and we could talk forever, listen forever, learn or just rant. The conversation is getting so heady, so giddy, so…late.

We walk out of the bar into the night. It’s dark, the moon is out, the trees are softening the imposing urban jungle of this amazing city, and in the instant that the cool air hits our lungs we both come to the same sudden realization that we are young, beautiful, with enough sense to know when to listen to our doubts and when to ignore them, and that this person you’ve just randomly met on the subway has reminded you of all the incredible possibilities life has to offer. Actually, we have inspired each other. This realization invigorates us completely. And a part of each of us thinks that if only this person were there in our lives, we would do all the things we were capable of doing, and together anything and everything would be not only possible but probable.

This is the guy I am looking for. I’m willing to go on three hundred first dates to find him. I know he is in this city. And I am okay with not seeing him on the subway; I can find him on craigslist too.

sloppy sensitive big-hearted adventurous open-minded caring irreligious intelligent atypical aforementioned literate smoker drinker social reclusive undefined confident questioning compassionate conscious dreamer idealist realist self-indulgent disciplined seeking and wise…

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Luis Celestino said...

ok so i can't believe noone has commented on this so i have to because it is just so *good*. thank you for writing.