Friday, February 15, 2008

sick sick sick in the head head head

I'm so sick of being sick. I've spent the week wondering (a) if I'm sick enough to stay home and do nothing, (b) if my headache is due to extreme sinus congestion or not enough nicotine, and (c) why the hell Kid hasn't called me. Wondering...was all that in my head? I pretty much considered it a done deal that he'd have called me by Wednesday. Then Wednesday came and went...and Thursday...and Friday... I gave him until 3:30 today to call. And I don't believe in text-messaging.

Being sick sucks. Wondering why someone hasn't called sucks even more. So finally I bit the bullet and called him when the deadline came and went. Turns out he's been sick all week too. (This is what I was secretly hoping.)

Yaaay, he said he'd call me back tomorrow to firm up some plans, and see if we're feeling better.

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