Saturday, February 23, 2008


I have many heroes. Today in the midst of 5 hours at the library I got an email from one of them, agreeing to an interview this Friday!

He's Mark Gorton, creator of LimeWire, founder of The Open Planning Project, publisher of Streetsblog, the single largest donor to Transportation Alternatives, champion of the livable streets know, coolest guy ever. Though I don't know if the fact that he attended Harvard, Stanford, and Yale impresses me or nauseates me. That'$ a $hit ton of $chool.

I'm so excited he agreed to be interviewed for our rinky-dink little magazine!

Oh yeah, I have another hero, too. I saw this guy's installation, Jeroen Offerman, at the SF MOMA last year. He sings Stairway to Heaven melodically and phoenitically BACKWARDS, (recording it in front of St. Paul's in San Francisco,) then plays it forward. Can you imagine how hard that is? He keeps asking people (quite politely) to not post the video online, but it's not like you can get it anywhere else, certainly not on his website or through the magazine who sponsors him. How can he not want everyone everyone everyone to see it? It is mind-blowing.

In other news, I had a really fun day yesterday, even though it involved about 6 hours in the computer lab after only 4 hours of sleep. It had a lot to do with the half-bottle of tequila I'd drunk the night before, and being in the company of some others who had drunk the the other half-bottle. We were just silly.

I've been so busy that I've (almost) effectively forgotten about Kid and the fact that he hasn't called me. What bullshit. I made the executive decision that I would not call him this week. Maybe next weekend. But I don't really want to be chasing around a Kid. Shouldn't he be calling me?