Sunday, September 23, 2007

He called me!

I thought Boy would wait a few days before calling me, like he did last time, but he called to make sure I got home okay last night and to make plans for this Wednesday night before he goes out of town.

I like that.

It also made me understand that I'm not the psychotic girl who runs away from any guy who's interested in her, because I was kind of feeling that way about CL date 6, with whom I also went on two dates, one that ended up with us getting very drunk and making out, and a daytime date the following day where I insisted we take the Staten Island Ferry. (Yeah, I'm a big public transit nerd. Somehow boys like me anyway.) I'd mentioned something vague about being free tonight, even though by the end of our second date I was feeling a little over him already, and the fact that he texted me the next day several times weirded me out and led me to believe that (a) if he liked me so much, he must be a loser, and (b) I will not be good at finding a hibernation partner if I only like the boys who don't show interest in me. So, the earnestness of Boy inspired me to cut the cord on CL date 6, and when he texted me with "what's your bad self up to tonight?" After googling "how to reject a guy" and discovering that honesty was the best policy, I wrote back "hi CL date 6, Im not sure how to say this but i have to. i met someone recently and im trying to do this right with him and dont want to dick you (or him) over. You are an awesome guy and i hope we can still chill sometime."

he wrote back, "no worries. thanks for being honest."

I feel good about this whole situation now, and I'm excited to see Boy on Wednesday. It feels fucken awesome.

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Luis Celestino said...

that's a great rejection communiqué, seriously, Seriously.