Wednesday, February 18, 2009

healthy obsessions

I guess photography can be considered one of my more healthy obsessions. It has me on a super wicked schedule, although if I'm not careful it could get to be more expensive than cocaine, knitting, and boozing combined. I'd like to say it's keeping me out of trouble, but I spent the majority of the Saturday trespassing and while for the most part of it I felt very peaceful and happy, there were a few moments of panic were I thought I was about to get murdered, run over by a train, and/or arrested. Obsessions help me to stay sane, in a way, in the absence of nightly diversions. Last night I had my first boozing-dream, only it was a sad, whoops-I'm-drinking-High-Life-at-a-shitty-party-dream. Gross.

Nevertheless, check out some of my work if you have a minute. I'm shooting a nature in New York series about the resilience/dominance of nature over the built environment. It's kind of turned into a hunt for serenity in New York City. And if you have recommendations on where to shoot, I'd love to hear that, too. Any ideas on where to shoot crumbling buildings where nature has taken know, that kind of thing. I didn't want to embed the gallery here. You know how I feel about the internets. I have this little used flickr account and I'm considering migrating a large account somewhere to have it all centralized with some of my best shots elsewhere...I kind of hate the flickr interface...but I don't know. Suggestions? Picasa scares me. But I kind of like to have little bits and pieces of me scattered everywhere.

All right, anyhow, apologies if I have not been in touch lately. I miss you and love you.


sami^raced said...

I love the series and imagine you hunting for serenity ... what a kickass metaphor!

Papagayo said...

you're my healthy obsession