Saturday, July 19, 2008


I'm back from two glorious weeks in Nicaragua and back to my old tricks. Sleepwalker is visiting, and she is currently passed out on the futon, trying to purge a hangover following a night that involved drinking in three boroughs. Poor thing! We be gettin' old; it's true.

Nicaragua was an amazing time. One of my favorite things about traveling is putting to use skills that I don't normally use in my day-to-day existence. In Morocco last summer, I surprised myself one day by figuring out we were going the wrong way by looking at the sun. And in Nicaragua last week, I exercised some surprising skills in speaking Spanish, group sex, purchasing of narcotics, and staring down paralysis while bicycling down a treacherous road in search of a halfway decent cup of coffee. My loathing of bicycles is totally illogical and a little disconcerting, and this last experience did nothing to help the cause. Another thing that made me proud was how lightly I traveled this trip. I'm a pretty light traveler to begin with, and this was my lightest trip yet. It makes me feel ridiculous to come home to my overcrowded apartment.

It is strange to be back in New York in other ways too, and this insomnia just gives me a lot of time to remember all the things we did in two short weeks, and how relaxed and peaceful I felt. I hardly ever feel like that in New York, but I'm hoping that can be my takeaway from the trip, that feeling of "all is right with the world." Nicaragua is a beautiful land with beautiful people and beautiful food. I ate so much fried chicken, beans and rice, plantains, god this is making me hungry just thinking about it!

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