Sunday, May 25, 2008

Preview: Summer of Love 2008

It is so beautiful outside that I can't stand it. Literally. My spring-induced mania is pretty out of control, so I have locked myself indoors and am cooking up magical warm-weather food for tonight's par-tay.

It has been a blur since getting on the train at 10 p.m. Thursday night in Chicago. I got crazy bruised celebrating Cian's birthday hours after getting off Amtrak. For some reason The Booze gives me The Violence Against Men, and unfortunately for me, I was with boys that hit back that night. I also like to wake up in the morning and send people photos of my injuries, asking for explanations.

Joe had texted and called me while I'd been in The Chi, so we met up for a sleepover party. Although I can't take him seriously, his sweetness is pretty endearing. So are his friends. Saturday I went to Coney Island with him and his buddies and I had a fantastic time being by the ocean, playing frisbee in the sand, and drinking the strongest bloody marys known to man. It was fun being with Joe and having someone to love on, and I'm hoping we can keep it fun and casual for the Summer of Love 2008, and I don't think it'll be too hard since we'll both be traveling around at opposing times. At the same time, I feel so awesome when I'm around him, like a little kid, just goofy and beautiful and happy. There's something right with that, and I don't want to fuck with it. I know that if I let myself, I will just fall crazy in love with him, and that is something, for some reason, that I am trying to avoid.

With the help of my buddy Eric, I had decided not to invite Joe to tonight's party because I think he might be a little clingy and I have other irons in the fire. And----yaaay! Tyler is coming tonight, and I haven't seen him in about a month, so I'm excited. This kid makes me want to slap him more than anyone else; that is another one of my infatuation tells.

Anyhow, I'm so excited and so drunk on life, and I love the summer and I love you.

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