Friday, September 11, 2009


I also want to share with you something pretty personal. It's a book called Going Dry that I made for Detox Doc (lord how I miss him). Although the book was printed with a dedication to him, it is for you all as well.

going dry

It's short and mostly photos that you're familiar with. If you click the image, it'll download the file, which is 1.6 MB. I hope you like it.


Update: Someone asked me to post a link to purchase a bound copy of 'Going Dry,' so here it is.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice...I've followed your writing (see: blog), because your life is interesting and your writing is excellent (minus the typos!)'s nice to see your photo+graphic design+writing all in one beautiful and honest moment. Keep that sanity right next to your 50mm lens. ...and thankyou